27 Jun 2016, 2:02am

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Industrial Strength Sewing Machine

OK, the term is an oxymoron, you have industrial sewing machines and you have home sewing machines, and never the twain shall meet.

Only? I was checking out my White Fair Lady straight stitch sewing machine (see photo at head of this blog), wondering if I made some modifications, I could use it for some slightly heavier work until I figure out if I really wanted to spend the money on “real sewing machine”. Well, I made a discovery. While I would not go so far as to call it an ‘industrial strength sewing machine”, it is definately a heavy duty home sewing machine.

Instead of a 0.7 amp motor it has a belt driven 1.3 amp motor. I alread knew that every gear and shaft in the machine is steel. I had not realized it was American designed and sold, but manufactured in Japan (according to the plate on the end of the machine).

I have used the machine to sew four layers of 7 oz canvas and a couple of layers of nylon webbing, making some cases in the past. It is just a bit heavier duty than I remembered.

Now I am wondering how heavy thread and needles I can use in it. I recently found out that you can get 15×1 needles up to 22, I had not known that. A 22 needle will handle T90 thread. That does not mean the machine can handle them, but it is something to check out. So, I am now wondering if it will do 10.10 oz Sunforger, 4 layers and one of nylon webbing, which is the minimum need to sew up a real wall tent?

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