2 Jun 2016, 9:39pm

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Me Sewing Machine is Working


Long time since I posted anything here. Health problems.

The other day, well maybe last month, I had to sew something and I could not set the tension. Ever try to troubleshoot a sewing machine when you need to be sewing?

I got out one of the other machines to do the sewing, and finally, just today, got around to trying to figure out what was going on with the Singer 750.

Turrned out the tension device had slipped, and I could not get the tension up to where it would make a proper stitch. Since I am one who wrote one of the best articles about how to set your tension, that was making me crazy. Now, however, I am, once again, getting a perfect stitch. Abit with the tension set rather low number-wise (3). Maybe I ought to adjust it more, but it is difficult as you have to do it by guess (I wonder, do the pro’s have some kind of gauge to set it by, I doubt it since I see them set all over the place. In any case I tend to need the higher tensions for most of my projects, so having it set to 3 instead of 5 as a base is probably a good thing.

Before my health went south on me, I was thinking of getting a Singer 20U109 commercial machine, but could not afford one as they were about $1200. Now I see that I can get a new one delivered for $700. Only my interests have gotten more heavy duty and I would like a compound feed (both needle feed and walking feet) upholstery type machine (something like a Consew 206RB). The cheapest machine in that range that I see is a Tacsew T111-155 (around a thousand bucks) which is a Chinese copy of the old Singer 111w155 with reverse added.

That is best left as only a daydream, I guess, as I actually have more money in my scissors than in any of the three sewing machines I have. And, At 72, do I do I really need another hobby? But if a used machine in that class would show up nearby at a bargain price, I think I would jump on it.

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