15 Sep 2012, 4:08pm

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Where Did the Post Go?

Somehow this Sewing blog has lost all the posts since sometime early in 2008. Now that is not a heck of a lot of posts as this blog is not very active, but I get a lot of comments on it.

The Internet Archives (The Wayback Machine) has 9 of the missing posts up until mid-2010, but nothing more recent. I think the only serious one since then was the one about my wanting to make my own Khakis as it is getting difficult to find them with a fit that I like, the rest were kind of place holder posts just to say the blog had not been abandoned.

So, I just have to figure out how to post them so that the comments and photos reattach to the proper post. Strange that the comments and photos are still there, isn’t it?

So, the answer is, I don’t know what happened to them, but am working on getting back what I can.

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