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You knew I was going to send you someplace else, sooner or later.

I could rehash this, but why? It is a fairly decent article about making friends.

How to make close friends

This one seems to be pretty good, but let me give some things to think about:

1. Focus on others, not yourself. My experience is that if you go too far with that your wind up with people using you. Good relationships need to be in the 30/70 to 70/30 percent range, outside that they very quickly become uncomfortable. That does not mean that once you become friends, and your friend temporarily needs a shoulder to hold them up, you do not give 100%. And hopefully if thing go bad for you they will be there for you. In fact that kind of points up what real friends are like. If they disappear when you need help, they were not real friends anyway.

2. Yes “Do listen” when they are speaking. It is not a competition to see who can out talk the other.

3. Places to meet people. These always tend to be too restrictive. Anytime you and someone are standing still, near each other, there is an opportunity to talk. As I said, I have no problem talking to someone in a situation like that, but I do need to learn how to follow up on that.

That page is aimed, as most are at the 20-something crowd, so us older folk may need to be more creative.

Just the other day, I saw a woman that looked interesting, at what was a new venue to me. I used that (new venue) as an excuse not to approach her. Sigh, I said that I am writing these posts partially to help me, didn’t I? Let’s see, if I approached her, what could have happened?

1– She could have blown me off.

2– She could have talked to me, and nothing else come of it. That in itself would have been nice.

3– She could have asked me to sit with her during the presentation.

4– We may have hit it off and arranged to meet sometime later.

5– She could have yelled for a cop.

The last was not likely, the first has happened before, the other three would have been positive experiences. So, I should have approached her. My loss. What kind of excuses do you use on yourself?


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