Why a new blog

This past month, I had some new, maybe recurring, experiences with people.

Those tell me I need to learn/relearn some people skills quickly. If me, probably others as well. So I decided to start a new blog, about that.

Connections! seems to be an appropriate title about making new connections and keeping old ones alive.

Item: About Valentines Day I had this idea I would try to find and reconnect with an old girlfriend. Since we parted 35 years back, that seemed to be a daunting task. Not really, it took about 15 minutes on the web to locate her current telephone number. Talking to her was more stressful than I would have thought and I cut the first call off after only about 10 minutes. A second call lasted a half hour. I would call this experience 75-80% successful.

Item: At about the same time I met a woman. Managed to make a coffee date that seemed to go well. Then it all blew up in my face. Not all my fault, but I will take the majority of the credit. On the other hand I have not been making new friends in the past several years so am way out of practice. I could not call this experience even 10% successful.

Item: A friend took me to visit with some friends of his. They and I seemed to get on real well. I liked them a lot, and think the feeling was pretty mutual. I would call this experience 90% successful.

I do not know how others actually feel, but I find it easy to fall into a brief conversation with strangers. On the other hand I very seldom manage to move it beyond that. Back in my dating days a half-lifetime ago, I usually figured that if I made to to a third date it was going to last awhile. Now I almost never get to first base, whether I am looking for a friend, or a more intimate relationship. How about you?

I intend to do what I can to meet and keep new friends in a consistent manor. That means relearning old skills, and learning new ones too. I intend to report on that here. There seems to be a million websites out there from “How to sleep with every woman in the world” to “How to meet someone you can have an interesting conversation with”. I tend to be more interested in the last of those.

The funny thing is that there are also many, I mean many websites out there telling us where to meet people.What is funny about that is that there are people all around us. The trick is not finding them, it is making a connection with them.

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